We are a government selective entry high school in Melbourne's west for gifted & talented students. Years 9-12, Coeducational, and Non-zoned.

Art, Design and Technology Week

Art, Design and Technology Week

Art, Design and Technology Week is a wonderful opportunity for students from across the year levels to celebrate the various creative subjects enjoyed at Suzanne Cory High School. Throughout Week 10 Term 2, students and staff were involved in an exciting week of ADT themed activities. Students were motivated to compete for house points, getting involved in competitions ranging from ‘Mystery Food Box Challenge’ to ‘Chalk Art Van Gogh Inspired Drawings’.

On the Monday we had a guest presenter from ‘The Brainary’ who provided students with the opportunity to interact with a ‘Nao’ humanoid robot. The workshop presenter shared with the eager audience how the robot operates, interacts and even dances! They were able to see how programming came to life in the robots in action and were encouraged to reflect upon how robotics may affect their future lives.


Monday evening was the first annual Winter Concert. The audience was captivated by musical performances from the school Orchestra, Band, Choirs, Guitar Ensemble and Special Guest Annie Pan.  The high standard of the various performance items reflected the months of rehearsals the students and staff put into organising and preparing for the event. Thank you to all the students, and the many friends and family members who supported this concert.


During lunchtime on the Tuesday Singer/Songwriter David Hoskins, a mainstay in Melbourne’s contemporary music scene since the 1990’s, delivered a Song Writing workshop in the Agora. He spoke about his long career as a musician, releasing numerous albums of original songs documenting contemporary life in Melbourne, and his process of song writing. The audience warmly appreciated the opportunity to listen David perform some of his songs and take questions about his creative process. A big thank you to Praveen Weerasiri who accompanied David on the drums on the day, performing without prior rehearsal!


On the Wednesday a ‘Mystery Food Box Challenge’ house competition took place. Students spread out in house teams in the school Food Studies kitchen with sprinkles, fondant and icing to decorate their seasonally themed cake. Each house was designated a different seasonal theme. While all the house teams produced impressive designs in the 30 minute time frame, Rothwell’s imaginative ‘Winter Wonderland’ won them the challenge. Thanks to all who participated.

Thursday lunchtime was a special Media presentation from the VCE Media student and staff who ran a brief Q&A session discussing what VCE Media entails. They also screened some of the work created by the VCE Media students including their short films, recut trailers, TV title sequence remakes and entries from Top Screen. Media also ran a ‘Seasonal’ Photography competition. Congratulations to Genevieve Bryne (10R2) and Harleen Bassi (9B2) who are our joint winners!

The week concluded with a ‘Chalk Art Challenge’ where students worked against the clock to recreate a famous Van Gogh artworks in soft pastels on the pavement outside the Agora. The house teams worked furiously to complete the seasonally themed drawings as a team. The students produced outstanding drawings working from a gridded reference of the original artwork. I was impressed with the students’ communication skills, cooperative approach and self-awareness to work together to complete this challenging task. Blackwood were the winning team amongst tough competition.

Many thanks for the students who entered the ‘ADT Showcase Poster Competition’ that concluded at the end of Week 1 Term 3. Congratulations to Jenny Liu 10K1 whose poster design was selected to help promote the annual ADT Showcase coming up Term 4, Monday 27th November (Week 8).


A big thank you to the ADT staff for your work organising and running the activities throughout the week.

Anna Tait
Head of ADT

















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