We are a government selective entry high school in Melbourne's west for gifted & talented students. Years 9-12, Coeducational, and Non-zoned.

Principal's Report

Principal's Report

The year is rapidly coming to an end.  And while there are still seven weeks to go, albeit only five for students, the end of the year does seem tantalisingly close.  However, while we have done a lot already, we still have a lot more to be done.

The term started with Presentation Night.  The evening was an outstanding success, showcasing the talents of our students.  I was moved to write to the students, via the Compass news feed, and it read as follows:   Thank you for all your efforts in ensuring that this year's Presentation Night met such incredibly high standards.  As I said last night, I am proud to be your principal, and your performance last night added to that pride.  The music program was of the highest standard and the massed singing was exemplary.

The evening concluded on a high; the passion with which you sang the school song was inspirational.  You should all be very proud.

May I also thank you for your behaviour during the day as I know many of you spent the day in the city.  It's not often that I get emails from the public that praise you; unfortunately those who complain are the ones more willing to spend the time to email!  However, this morning I received this email which stated:

"Yesterday I stopped with my children at Nando's on Flinders St. There were about 10 of your students having a meal there. All were young males I would estimate year 10. They were extremely polite and tidy. Not once did they get loud or disruptive and when they left there was hardly any mess. They represented your school very well without a teacher present. Too often we hear the bad and when things go wrong. Sometimes it's nice to hear when someone does the right thing."

No doubt you know who you are...so thank you!  Once again, thank you.  As Matt (the School Captain) said last night "what made our school great. It's you guys. The students."

This established the positive atmosphere for the term.  Within two weeks we were farewelling the Year 12 students on their Celebration Day.  With good spirits and good humour the Year12 cohort enjoyed their ‘final’ day of schooling. Although reality was always going to bite a week later with the start of the VCE exams.  The vast majority of our students have worked hard throughout the year and the exams should be approached with confidence.  And of course we will all gather once again for Valedictory Dinner and the final celebration for this year’s Year 12 students.

For the remainder of the school, it is now a little bit quieter with a quarter of the school missing.  School hasn’t stopped.  There is still work to be done and assessments to complete and weeks eight and nine will see all year levels starting the 2018 year in transition.

We are also looking forward to orientation day for the 2018 Year 9 cohort.  While we have already held the Information Evening, Orientation Day is our opportunity to help the transition of a new generation of students into our school; singing anyone?

Colin Axup

SCHS Debating and Public Speaking

SCHS Debating and Public Speaking