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English - Year 10 English Genre Elective

English - Year 10 English Genre Elective

Do you prefer to escape to another world through a fantasy novel or film? Or would you rather the chill and thrill of a crime scene? Scratch a reader and more often than not, you’ll find that he or she has a favourite genre they love spending time with both in books and films.

So with this in mind the English faculty asked the Year 9 students at the end of 2016 what genre they preferred out of these three: Comedy, Science Fiction and Gothic Fiction. This was with a view to the English faculty beginning Year 10 English in 2017 with a Genre elective where Year 10 students spent Term 1 comparing two texts from the genre that they had chosen.

This was also a way of preparing Year 10 for the new English/ English as Another Language Study Design where as part of their study ‘students explore the meaningful connections between two texts…including the interplay between character and setting, voice and structure, and how ideas, issues and themes are conveyed.’ (VCE English And English As An Additional Language Study Design VCE Units 3 and 4 2017 -2020)

The texts selected by the students straddled the world of classic literature and modern film as you’ll see below:


Emma by Jane Austen
Clueless directed by Amy Heckerling


The War of the Worlds by H G Wells
Monsters directed by Gareth Edwards


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
Edward Scissorhands directed by Tim Burton

The response from the students to the elective has been very positive.

One student commented: ‘I was fascinated to discover how modern Science Fiction was born with the ideas from basically one book i.e. ‘The War of the Worlds’.

Another student commented: ‘Reading the texts in the Gothic genre helped me broaden my ideas about what English could be as subject.’

One of the students looking at the Comedy of Manners stated: “I enjoyed learning about the different cultures explored in each text and what life was like for women, in particular, in the early 19th century”

Teachers have also enjoyed beginning the year with the genre elective and have felt that the students were really engaged in class, studying, discussing and writing about a genre that they really loved.

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