Western Chances Scholarships

Western Chances scholarships are awarded to talented and motivated young people in Melbourne’s west who have worked hard and have been recognised by their nominators, teachers, lecturers and the wider community. Well done to all recipients on this tremendous achievement. Nominations for the next round will open later in the year.

Principal's Report

This year has started well.  The school has now grown to 850 students and will continue to grow until we reach the target of 875.  This has been, and will be, achieved by the addition of an extra class at Year 10.  This means that at the start of 2018, there will be 200 Year students and 225 students in each of Years 10, 11 and 12.  This will enable us to offer more subject opportunities at the VCE level as well as continue to provide a more flexible program at Year 10.

House Swimming and Athletics

This Term has been a very busy Term with the Swimming and Athletics Carnivals completed.  Both Carnivals had great house spirit and outstanding cheering and peer support. The Swimming Carnival starting with some drizzly rain but cleared up providing a great day of fun. On the other hand the Athletics Carnival started hot and just got warmer as the day progressed.